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Welcome to Broadoaks British School

We understand that choosing a Primary School for your child is an important decision. Each parent has a ‘shopping list’ of essential and preferred expectations of a school and we know that finding a school that meets your expectations is key. By choosing Broadoaks British School, you have our commitment that we will ensure your child’s experience with us is an enjoyable and valuable one.


Our staff ensure we get to know your child as an individual, starting from our very first encounter. This is the start of a relationship that will enable your child to develop and flourish, in our care. Please be assured that we will work closely with you to ensure your child’s learning journey is a successful and fulfilling one.

Our team of dedicated teachers at Broadoaks British School is talented, qualified and knowledgeable. Your child will be challenged and supported to achieve his/her best across our broad and balanced curriculum. 

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Inclusive Education

Broadoaks British School is fully inclusive where no child is left behind. We strive to achieve the highest standards for each and every child, regardless of their starting point. Differentiated, Individualised Education Plans, one-on-one tutoring and booster classes are offered to those in need of additional support. We tailor our broad-based curriculum to meet your child’s needs.

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As will forever be the BBS practice, our door is always open, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You are always welcome!  

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Serene Environment

Our serene school environment provides a positively stimulating and hygienic space for children to explore and express themselves, while enjoying school.  We also offer a wide range of Co-curricular Activities and positive outdoor learning experiences. Every staff member is fully engaged in the Program.

Respect and Independence

We also place great emphasis on fostering our students’ independence and sense of responsibility. Respect, integrity, honesty and positive behaviour are expected at all times. We have a clear behaviour policy, and we expect the highest standards of behaviour from our students. We strive to develop children’s self-esteem and ensure that each child feels valued through positive reinforcement, and by celebrating each individual’s strengths and successes.

Our values