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I am extremely proud of my son's progress since he started in BBS. He has grown so much in confidence, skill and has made lots of friends, quite frankly, I have been amazed by his progress.

The school has such a wonderful atmosphere which results in an engaging  learning environment. All the staff are focused,  supportive, caring and above all enthusiastic and this in turn is reciprocated by the willingness of my son to learn. Thank you for all your hard work and support in providing an exceptional ground for the academic careers of our children!

 I can not think of a better school for my children. You know, when you know the story of how TTDN and BBS started more than 12 years ago, and the heart and soul that went into this dream, then you can not but also feel as if it is you too, that personally invested your own sweat, blood and tears into this school. It is not just a school. It is a place of safety. It is a home away from home. It is a safe heaven for my children where they can be themselves, express themselves and discover themselves. They have and continue to become amazing individuals and the attention and support they get from the teachers and staff at TTDN and BBS is something not many schools around the world are able to offer our children. 

After being out of the country for a while and having the kids experience a new country with a new school was not easy. Fast forward to the beginning of Covid and world-wide lockdowns. We relocated back to Abuja. Got the kids registered at BBS and we were ready to start the school year. Only for the entire world to go on lock down and school moving to online learning/teaching. This was new to all of us. However I was amazed, surprised and even wowed by the dedication and support the teachers and staff at BBS showed throughout this process, that was completely new to all of us, including them. We were all in deep waters here, but you know what. It was an eye opening experience and it was brilliant. 

I can only speak for my children, but they blossomed. They adjusted so nicely back into the swing of things and I am so grateful that we got to engage with our kids the way we were able to during the online classes. We were honestly speaking very grateful once physical school resumed, as it was clear that they were missing the actual interaction with fellow students and teachers. Also I am sure I am not only speaking for myself, but my children were more than happy to get a break from Mom. 

My kids are excited to go to school every day. They miss school when they have holidays or weekends off. That is what I want. I want my kids to miss school. To be excited about school and to be excited about learning new things every day. That is exactly what I get with TTDN and BBS. Children counting the days for school to resume. Happy and healthy children. Ready to explore the world with their friends, teachers and staff at TTDN and BBS.

When we first visited BroadOaks British School and Teenee Todds Day Nursery, we immediately loved the school and to confirm our first impression, our kids love the school. The diversity in the school community is a great advantage.

Our kids have moved to another school in a different country and they keep referring to their best memories of Broadoaks and Teenee Todds. The kids make their intentions of wanting to go back to their former school clear; citing the love for their teachers, friends and school environment.
The teachers are very dedicated and the school environment is tailored to make learning easy for the kids. Ethan, Ayden and Aleena miss their teachers, friends and the entire school in general and they wish they did not leave. We parents are not left out of this wish as our children received excellent education while making great friends and building values that will last a lifetime.
We would not ask for a better school to be part of our children's lives and we absolutely recommend BroadOaks and Teenee Todds to all intending families seeking prime education in the city of Abuja.