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Key Stage One

As children embark on “the best years of their lives”, they should certainly be expected to do so as happy and confident individuals. This is what we believe and strive to establish in the Reception and Key Stage 1 here at Broadoaks British School.  

The philosophy of learning through play continues right through Reception to Year 2, offering children a wealth of learning opportunities through both continuous provision and outdoor learning, in conjunction with an enriching Forest School experience once a week. The children are also introduced to a more formal approach to Mathematics and Literacy, with emphasis on the teaching of phonics and correct letter formation. Mathematical learning combines practical activities, where we work on a more concrete and pictorial approach, before delving into abstract learning.

Our teaching and learning schemes of work have been carefully devised, and are based on the National Curriculum for England and Wales, which builds on the areas covered during the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. Since these stages are the gateway to facilitate most of the children’s learning, we place a huge emphasis on reading and writing. Our structured approach to the teaching of reading at Broadoaks British School is accompanied with the Letters and Sounds scheme for Phonics. A variety of reading material and practical resources are provided to suit readers of all abilities.

The children enjoy the benefits of themed learning, where each half-term all year groups have a focus, which is linked to all subjects to provide a cross curricular approach to learning.

A typical day in KS1

School resumes at 7.30am with morning activities and small tutor group sessions. Registration is taken at 7.55am with morning lessons running from 8am - 10am, followed by snack and break time. After break, students have two more lessons before an hours lunch break. In the afternoons, students partake in specialist subjects including computing. Art & Design, French and Music. School closes between 2.15pm and 2.45pm for Key Stage One and Two respectively. One morning a week is dedicated to our intensive sports programme in addition to another 45 minutes of PE time also in the week. On Friday mornings, we hold our key stage assemblies where children learn about a range of topics from friendships, good behaviour, caring for the environment and more. Once a year each class prepares a presentation focused on a topic they have been learning about in class.