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Key Stage Two

Year 6 students

At Broadoaks British School, we are committed to offering students in the KS2 section a world class learning experience. Students take part in a balanced and broad curriculum, based around the UK National Curriculum for England and Wales, and the Cambridge International framework, which is used in over 160 countries worldwide. This exposes them to a wide range of important global issues and provides a strong academic basis for future study. Students leaving Year 6 will take the Cambridge Checkpoint Assessment, providing an internationally recognised certificate to mark the end of their primary education.

Excellence is one of our core values and this is guaranteed by our faculty of professional teachers who boast many years of teaching experience. We strive to make learning both challenging and engaging through a range of child centred activities. We believe that fostering critical thinking, confidence and communication skills is critical and we were the first school in Abuja to offer Forest School experiences and events such as Enterprise Day to help develop these key skills.

Knowing our students well and cultivating an environment that is deeply caring and supportive is at the centre of what we do here at Broadoaks British School. Our small class sizes and data driven approach ensures that we can offer an individualised programme that meets the needs of every student. We want to ensure that students develop as rounded individuals with a strong sense of emotional well-being, as well as being independent and courteous.

In Mathematics in KS2, we encourage a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts through a progression of learning experiences that includes exploring hands on resources and using a range of visual representations. Students are encouraged to problem solve and reason by explaining their answers. We offer a text-based approach to Literacy which allows students to explore reading skills, punctuation and grammar through different genres and books. Peer learning is important to us, and opportunities are given to read together and share writing. In Science, students engage with a broad range of subjects ranging from our human body to states of matter to the solar system.  Students are encouraged to ask questions and develop their scientific knowledge and skills through challenging activities and investigations.