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Entrance Assessments

Before being granted admission into Broadoaks British School, every child must complete a face-to-face assessment. This assessment provides your child’s new teachers with vital information relating to their current attainment in English and Mathematics, as well as an insight into their social interactions, so we can ensure we hit the ground running when your child resumes in their new class. The entry assessment is not a pass or fail, rather a benchmarking tool to identify areas of strength and potential gaps in a students’ prior learning.

If your child performs below the expectations for his/her age range, you will be informed in writing and suggestions will be made on how best to support your child at school and at home. In some cases, a shadow teacher may be required to support a child in the classroom, the cost of which will be covered by the parents. A shadow teacher will help to support the child in and outside the classroom, ensuring that targets are achieved and progress is made.

If a child is found to be working beyond the expected level for their year group, they will undergo the CAT4 assessment in order to ascertain whether they should be entered into the school's Able, Gifted and Talented programme. 

Whatever a child's needs, at Broadoaks British School we partner with you to ensure every child fulfils their potential.