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Art Department

At Broadoaks British School, children undertake discrete Art lessons as well as Design Technology.  These are skill-based subjects that require creative thinking, originality and a problem solving mindset. Children are encouraged to think critically, and express their thoughts, ideas and imagination in visual forms.

Children are trained to use their artwork and innovative designs as a means to express their imagination. Every student is encouraged to realise their potential and unleash their creativity in a way that best suits their own particular strengths and learning style.  

Our Art department submits yearly entries into the COBIS Art competition and facilitates the afterschool Art club. Here, students are encouraged to express their ideas and learn about particular art techniques and design concepts and skills.

During curriculum time, students are exposed to a wide range of famous artists from the past and present. They hone their drawing skills, learning about shade, form, texture and colour. The dramatic improvement in students’ artistic ability is clear to see after just a short period of time at BBS.

During Design and Technology lessons, students learn how to follow the design process from the planning stage through to prototyping and finally to implementation. Design projects include textile work, food technology and engineering projects.