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Charity, Fundraising & Community Service

Year 6 students

As part of our mission to create well rounded individuals, our students are taught from an early age about the importance of giving back to society, helping those in need and respecting the environment.

Stop Don't Drop Recycling Scheme

In conjunction with the German Embassy, Broadoaks British School was one of the first recycling points in Abuja. Students, parents and staff are encouraged to bring in their plastic bottles and place into our recycling container. On a regular basis, this is then collected by the NGO Stop Don't Drop and the bottles are sold with the proceeds going towards paying school fees for children in a local government school. 

Last year, our students were thrilled to discover their hard work helped put a child through school for a whole year and provide all of the resources he needed. This year, we have set a target to double that. 

Charity Donations

Each year, our students take part in various charity donation drives - raising money and collecting clothes, books, food items and toys for those in need. Our students take these projects very seriously and are always eager and excited to help those less fortunate. It is this awareness of the needs of others and their own privileges, that contributes towards the creation of global citizens at Broadoaks British School.