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Safe-Guarding and Child Protection

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Broadoaks British School is committed to safeguarding the children in our care and to consistently create a safe environment that inspires all children to explore, play, learn, develop, discover and ultimately achieve greatness in an innovative world. We recognise that there are acceptable and non-acceptable treatments of children and that every child has a right to be protected from neglect and abuse based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child of which Nigeria is signatory to.

Article 19 (Protection from abuse and neglect) states that: “The state shall protect the child from all forms of maltreatment by parents or others
responsible for the child and establish appropriate social programmes for the prevention of abuse and treatment of victims.”


As part of our policy, Broadoaks British School will:

  • Ensure we practice safe recruitment in checking of staff and volunteers to work with children. This will be done by working with recruitment agencies that require candidates to have background checks as well as seeking and following up of references and ensuring that any unexplained gaps in employment record/curriculum vitae are satisfactorily accounted for
  • Provide induction training on our child protection policy to all staff and volunteers
  • Provide supervision and support for staff and volunteers in contact with the children
  • Appoint persons within the organisation to deal with child protection concerns
  • Ensure that staff attend child protection training as appropriate
  • Provide age appropriate information to help students understand personal safety, needs and rights
  • In the case of a staff member accused of any kind of abuse, Broadoaks British School will conduct a full investigation following due process and keeping the safety of the child as topmost priority
  • Ensure that all staff members report cases of known or suspected child abuse and neglect
  • Review policy each time an incident is reported or once every year by the 30th of August

Child Protection Policy